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Global Agenda

Postby fornahn on Sun Jan 24, 2010 7:45 am

Anyoen interested in Shooter style games should check this one out, been playing the beta for a couple weeks and the game has a good shot at being around for a while. The company that makes it is pretty small but so far there response to customer feed back has been amazing.

as far as Game play goes its solid and smooth, some issues with pugs but Devs cant make stupid people better players. There tag line about it being a game based on skill over gear is promising. The classes are fun and balanced enough that aside from human error and reaction you arent going to get much better from a game. Some are stronger in PvP vs. PvE but you get that every where.

Check it out, if you get the pre order and try the betta and dont like it you can cancel the pre order for a refund as long as you do it before release. There is still a lot to be done as far as more content and some UI additions, like a friends list, but they are doing this right in making sure the major stuff is done and done right (like the constantly evolving World PvP environment) and adding in the rest as they go. I can live without a friends list a lot easier than I can deal with constant class nerfs much like Cryptic seems to do.

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