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naggaroth 80 dk friend of the manbot

naggaroth 80 dk friend of the manbot

Postby Naggaroth on Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:23 pm

I used your app to post this before but it did not appear so here is goes again I doubt it is as great and witty as the first post but meh..

Basic Information

Real name - Jeremy (shrek)
Character name - Naggaroth
Race/Class/Level - BE/Dk/80

I have read the Code of Conduct
Reference: Kevin/Manbot/Nerioudous(ya I cant spell his chars name)
Age 28
If you had to be a magical creature, what kind would you be? I think narwals are magical

Raiding Information

Armory link - http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... =Naggaroth
Time zone - EST
Internet stability - Yes
Main spec - Undecided (blood dps)
Second spec - Undecided (Unholy DPS)
Open to other specs? YES

Mining/Herb - to pay for stuff
Please describe your raid experience
Raided most of ICC on my druid on ER (healing) I chewed some glass on the rest of ICC. Had to take a break for work and the guild fell apart so I came here to be with friends

Are you currently guilded? If you are, why are you leaving them? I was in an outland guild, you know the one where a rogue shouts in outland that he has a guild and it is going to be awesome and he needs people. Well I was guildless, and I like awesome.....it was not awesome

How did you hear about Wanderers? Kevin/Manbot/Nererdious (he is a SP you gotta know the manbot) Damn you Real ID for not displaying characters

What are your expectations of Wanderers? I just hit 80 so I do not expect much. I would like to eventually raid but that is not until I am geared to raid. I would like input on what spec is best for the guild before I spend badges, (no use getting a full tank set if you need dps)

Please select all days you would be able to attend
All depending on what the GF says :(

What was the most memorable wipe you caused?

General Vezax - One of our first real attempts on him and he is at like 30% or something and I am healing on the druid. I was standing in the saronite cuz i was OOM and MT healing. I got the mark of the faceless and if I moved out of the saronite i would not have the mana to heal the MT so I stayed there and said on vent "I am killing all the healers" well they died... nuff said

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Re: naggaroth 80 dk friend of the manbot

Postby nerodius on Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:28 pm

Internet stability - Yes

Best answer. I highly endorse Shrek. Vince might be following him soon. I know they're going to miss being in my bank alt guild with its guild bank full of total garbage that I can't sell on the AH.
Don't quote me regulations. I co-chaired the committee that reviewed the recommendation to revise the color of the book that regulation's in.
We kept it grey.

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