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Bellapal - Ret Pally App

Bellapal - Ret Pally App

Postby Bellapal on Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:22 pm

Hey, I'm Bella and I'm applying on my Pally. Love raiding. Recently transferred to this server to join the current guild I'm in, but they over recruited for their 10man and I basically got voted off the island due to them already having a holy pally in the group and wanting Shammy buffs.

Rather than transfer realms again, I've been hoping to find another guild here where the raid days/times that work with my current schedule. I put information around that into my application. I don't enjoy guild hopping and am looking for a long term home where I can bring my other alts.

I have read and agree to the code of conduct that you requested I read.

I included my battletag in the application. At least I think I managed to add it. If my second attempt didn't work let me know and I'll post it here. I'm almost always online afternoons/evenings and would welcome a chance to talk.

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Re: Bellapal - Ret Pally App

Postby Gruagach on Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:38 pm

Will contact ya in game. Ask any guildie for 'Gru' if I don't get a hold of ya.

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