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Benevolance Ret/OT Pally

Benevolance Ret/OT Pally

Postby Benevolance on Sun May 12, 2013 1:32 pm

Hey guys names Dallas, threw my app. in last night but due to a rather painful headache this is a bit late but here's a little about me. I've played since vanilla didn't start raiding till mid BC just wanted a social experience with friends at them time. Wasn't a real "hardcore" raider till half way through WotLK and all though I did enjoy the server first experience just want to find a happy medium with enjoying the game and kick bosses in the face. I enjoying raiding with the occasional jkoing around to living it up but always ready to buckle down and get stuff done when it comes to progression. I don't have many alts rather obsessed with my pally always trying to make her the best she can be learning everything i can about the specs i utilize and perfecting them. Was driven out of my old guild by the whole girlfriend boyfriend drama game with the GM which ended up driving me out and I really just want a guild that i can stick to, make some awesome friends and enjoy what time is left with this game. I believe most of the other needed info. is in my app. and hopefully we can make this work. Will chat it up with you guys in a few, thank you for the chance.

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Re: Benevolance Ret/OT Pally

Postby Gruagach on Mon May 13, 2013 9:53 am

Great look forward to touching base with you. My ISP was spotty this weekend and my cable modem ended up dying, if I missed you online. Will touch base with you when I see you on RealID.

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