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Hi guys! from Red

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Hi guys! from Red

Postby Redwillow on Thu Nov 22, 2012 6:41 pm

Hey it's Red, just sending a shout out to my old wow pals! Looking through logs its good to see you guys alive and well, atleast I hope! Good to see some old and new names too.

I had a really bad accident in late june and all these complications since; I've just been unable to game period. Hate the new FL pain meds laws, these pain clinics are a joke now for those needing them! Going to see if I can sit, stare at a screen, and spam key/mouse clicks for any decent amount of time this week.

Im trying out a 10 day free trial of MoP to see if its any good mainly, and especially, if my resto druid is still fun to play.
Miss you guys and hope to raid again eventually!

<3 Red

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